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A Great Eye

For many years I have been told I have a great eye. So what does that exactly mean? For a former museum Director it meant that I seem to be able to a few years out when we I told him we should look into a Philip Guston show, it was 1977, he laughed and commented, “ the cartoon painter”. Yes I said and two years later the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art mounted a retrospective of this painter and much changed afterwards.

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Collecting opportunities, really?

Yesterday reading the latest from the Art Market Monitor I was stunned by the auction totals for artists around the world, many of whom I must admit I do not know. Leading the group of names were artists from China, and the reason for this is explained in the article: the 30 and under chart is dominated by Chinese because these artists sell directly through auction houses in China which rarely takes place in the West.

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Many years ago the art business was considered a seasonal business. It slowed down after the first of the year and had a casual slumber during the summer months. Those days are long gone because as the global market has emerged there is activity always somewhere. With the proliferation of the art fairs- I’ve been told some 168 worldwide-as of 2012 and the 24/7 on line art market, who has time for a break?

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Artists' Studios

Among the many ways to learn about the work of an artist is by a visit to their studio. Although some artists are quite open to having visitors, for a myriad of reasons, others are not, especially when in the midst of creating works for a new show. An experienced and well-connected consultant or dealer generally has worked for years building relationships with individual artists and groups of artists; he or she should be able to arrange a visit.

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The Paper Chase

All too many times the problem arises that you need to document the work or works of art you own. And while it might your art is worth ten dollars or ten thousand dollars, the basic problem is always the same: where is the paperwork? Hold onto the invoices you receive when you purchase art; if you have misplaced them, obtain copies from either the artist or dealer. Along side the invoice you want to collect any photographic documentation of the work. You might own a print or drawing and want the photo of the work before and after framing.

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Collecting 101: What to buy and when

While the art market has theoretically remained “hot” over the last few years, it is a place where money is both made and lost. Not everything always goes up in value and not every work by a leading artist will fetch high prices. There are several steps on can take to facilitate making quality and wise purchases when buying art.

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Other Voices: Squeak Carnwath

Squeak Carnwath mixes familiar and recognizable images-think New Image painting- within a smart,
sharp fields of patterns built of numbers and colors then overlaid with words. Carnwath’s fields look
conceptual; they are methodical in structure like an algebraic formula on a blackboard but then
suffused with thoughts that stand out-a translation of her internal dialogue out loud onto the canvas
for all to see.

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