Artists' Studios

Among the many ways to learn about the work of an artist is by a visit to their studio. Although some artists are quite open to having visitors, for a myriad of reasons, others are not, especially when in the midst of creating works for a new show. An experienced and well-connected consultant or dealer generally has worked for years building relationships with individual artists and groups of artists; he or she should be able to arrange a visit. This can be a wonderful experience, a chance to see works up close and hear directly from the source about the artist’s vision and processes and why it is so meaningful to the art. Another benefit derived is the chance to see a fuller range of works that had not been previously shown, or are part of an earlier body of work. At any rate, this is an opportunity to discover a wonderful “treasure” that you would love to own. As with any visit, good etiquette is a prerequisite; your consultant will make sure that you are somewhat informed about recent artist reviews and articles, and that you have some idea of what you are going to see.
No two studios are alike. Different environments that artists work in can influence and determine what is produced; from the scale and size of works to the kinds of materials used and fabrication methods employed. Some artists work on a variety of works simultaneously, others start and finish one work and only after completion
Some of your local arts organizations may develop studio visits as a fundraising will they venture onto the next. The studio of a painter can be hugely different from that of a sculptor.
tool for the organization, if so, sign up and go. You meet artists and other collectors and art lovers and the conversations are well worth the small amount of money it may cost to buy a ticket to these types of events. Networking at these events may present many opportunities to learn and share with others that have similar interests.  
Again at a studio visit the opportunity to learn and become better informed about an artist that you have collected or hope to collect. There is something extremely enriching about understanding more of how works are made, materials used or techniques developed. After all you are witnessing the creation of an object and that object not only carries within it the formal character of the work but also the physical manifestation of an idea.


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