A Great Eye

For many years I have been told I have a great eye. So what does that exactly mean? For a former museum Director it meant that I seem to be able to a few years out when we I told him we should look into a Philip Guston show, it was 1977, he laughed and commented, “ the cartoon painter”. Yes I said and two years later the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art mounted a retrospective of this painter and much changed afterwards.
In the same job I was able to reattribute a painting in the museum’s permanent collection of 19th century American painting. This collection was to be sold off to support the contemporary and modern programs that had become the center of the institutions mission. The painting in question was painted misidentified because previous scholars didn’t read the signature correctly. I identified the signature and at the same time found a mater for the painting in the White House collection. The painting went from
In the late 70s seeing a small reproduction of a Robert Longo sculpture in Flash Art I was intrigued. Found Longo in New York and went to his studio where I bought a drawing for myself and later organized Re-Figuration which included the relatively unknown artists Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons and Troy Brauntuch. Charles Saatchi bought most of the show, I whatever, I could afford.
In the 80s I discovered Peter Schuyff, bought a painting that I will live with forever for $200.00 from a group show at Gallery Avenue B if I have that right?
Over the years I have bought and sold Richard Tuttle; Barry Le Va; Wayne Thiebaud, Fischli/Weiss; Tony Cragg; Thomas Ruff and Bernard Frieze. I’ve supported friends like Ken Goodman, William Garbe, Paul Thek all now long gone.

And more recent fashionable heroes such as Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst , Richard Prince and Christopher Wool.
For Microsoft we collected emerging artists like Tracey Snelling who hails from the Bay area but now shows around the world to Katherina Grosse  a German painter and installation artist
Today I am following where my eye leads me. A recent show at the Little Gallery was a small selection of artists I have met or "discovered" through Facebook.


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