Press Releases

  • "Grace Hartigan: Works From 1960-65 at the X Contemporary Art Fair, Miami"
    by John Seed

    Grace Hartigan, whose work played the range between abstraction and representation once told an interviewer: "Now as before it is the vulgar and the vital and the possibility of its transformation into the beautiful which continues to challenge and fascinate me." Hartigan's interest in incorporating an eclectic range of images into her paintings--including mannequins, coloring books, images from film, Old Master paintings, and store window displays-- vitalized her art but eventually caused the influential critic Clement Greenberg to withdraw his support.

    Greenberg, and other influential figures of the time didn't understand what she was trying to do and the painter Willem de Kooning once reduced her to tears by telling Hartigan that she "completely mis-understood modern art." The rise of "Pop" art and a move to Baltimore in 1960 removed Hartigan's once top-flight career from the spotlight, and her reputation has never fully recovered. Even if Hartigan can't be neatly labeled as an "Abstract Expressionist" her status as a pioneering woman artist at a time when men dominated the field invites study.

    Curator Michael Klein, who has been studying and assembling a small exhibition of Hartigan's works from the early 1960s, thinks a new examination of Hartigan's achievement is overdue, and he asks a powerful question: just where where does her art, and the art of other pioneering women artists of the 1950s and 60s fit into the "canon" of American painting?  Download PDF
  • "East End Art Shows in Miami"
    by Jennifer Landes

    Every year, South Fork artists garner new and increased attention at the various fairs and events that make up Miami's Art Basel week. Whether in the grand booths of the Miami Beach Convention Center, in a funky satellite in Wynwood or North Beach, in a family museum in an old warehouse, in a pool cabana, or even in a hotel room, exhibitors from around the corner or around the world bring international exposure to our regional faves and allow us to see how they measure up to the giants of the current and historical marketplace.

    No fewer than 20 art fairs will open next week in Miami and Miami Beach, ranging from Art Basel, the largest and the most prestigious, to established satellites such as Art Miami and its own offshoots — Context and Aqua, Scope, Red Dot, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), and Pulse, among others.

    The newest participant in the dance is X Contemporary, a project of Matthew Eck, a co-founder of the former Select art fair. Located in Miami's midtown district, X will include 30 exhibitors, two of them with East End connections...  Download PDF
  • "Gallery Review: City Lives"
    by Michael Goldstein

    NEW YORK, NY (November 25, 2015) As you walk into City Lives, the latest exhibition curated by Michael Klein and hosted by the Shirley Fiterman Arts Center, you are immediately greeted by Priscilla Stadler's collection of colors title Fragile City. This multicolored arrangement of drapes crowded together like the tall buildings of Manhattan set the stage for the city's colorful abstract showcased in the creations of 23 unique artists. And just as the name implies, I believe That Stadler is emphasizing the morality of man-made architecture and how nothing really lasts forever, no matter how nice the colors are...  Download PDF
  • "7 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before November 27"
    by Paul Laster

    The third in a series of shows at the Morgan of oil sketches from the Thaw collection, which is jointly shared by the Morgan and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Trees” features masterpieces on paper by 18th and 19th century artists from France, Germany and Scandinavia. Highlights include Antoine-Xavier-Gabriel de Gazeau's exquisite depiction of the remains of a tree in Uprooted Tree, Olevano; Gilles-François-Joseph Closson's Cluster of Trees, which shows incredibly realistic trees on a hillside with the blank background of the paper exposed; and Johann Georg von Dillis' oil sketch of a figure dwarfed by nature in Beech Trees in the English Garden, Munich. The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, New York, 10:30-5 p.m., free with museum entrance...  Download PDF
  • X Contemporary Hits Wynwood For Miami Art Week 2015-Among Selected Exhibits, "Grace Hartigan 1960 -1965, the Perry Collection"
    by Patrick Ogle

    X Contemporary (http://xcontemporary. com/) (227-247 NW 24th St. Miami) is an art fair focused on "cross generational" curated projects. One of these will feature the work of Grace Hartigan, an abstract expressionist artist just starting to get her due. isn't the only artist being shown.

    "We have three groundbreaking exhibitions that are the keystones of the fair. The Grace Hartigan work being shown by Michael Klein hasn't been seen since 1965. This will also be the first time the Colombian collective, TIMEBAG, will exhibit in the US," says Matthew Eck, director of X Contemporary. "The third major exhibition at X Contemporary will be , a collection of never before seen work from artists who are living and working in Cuba."  Download PDF
  • "New Miami Fair X-Contemporary Crackles With Youthful Energy"
    by Eileen Kinsella

    X-Contemporary, the brainchild of Matthew Eck, is one of the newest art fairs on the Miami art fair circuit. Eck is a co-founder of the well-received but short-lived Select fair, which he organized with Brian Whitely before both went their separate ways.

    Located in a bespoke tent in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, where nearby walls are blanketed with street art, the vibe was hip, relaxed, and noticably young, with various sources of music pulsing throughout on the VIP opening night. Brooklyn galleries were amply represented.

    The airy, open layout of the exhibition space encourages relaxed viewing as opposed to the sardine-like feel of numerous other fairs.  Download PDF