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  • Neptune' Place, Early Work by Jean Michel Basquiat, "Before there was Basquiat there was SAMO essay" by Michael Klein The Bishop Gallery, X Contemporary Art Fair, 2016.  Download PDF
  • The Women Who Made Modern Art Modern, "INTRODUCTION The Women Who Made Modern Art Modern essay" by Michael Klein X Contemporary Art Fair, 2016 .  Download PDF
  • City Lives, Shirley Fiterman Arts Center, "City Lives Lived".
  • X Contemporary Art Fair Catalog, "Grace Hartigan 1960-1965, The Perry Collection".
  • Fabrizio di Marzio: Paradise, Electa, "The World Awakes in Color".
  • New American Paintings, "Mel Bochner: Strong Language at the Jewish Museum".
  • Jane Rosen - Cash-Morandi, "The Morandi Series" by Michael Klein.
  • New American Paintings, "Frank Stella at Leslie Feely Gallery".
  • New American Paintings, "Cy Twombly: The Last Paintings" by Michael Klein Explaining Twombly’s work is a little like trying to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. There is a stated formula and an equation that we are all readily familiar with but unless you are can decode the terms of the equation you are lost. Similarly, we decode Twombly’s brush because it is his tool. For Twombly his equation was that paint was like language: it described the world rather than simply made pictures of it..  Download PDF
  • New American Paintings, "Wayne Thiebaud at Acquavella Galleries" by Michael Klein Today we know Wayne Thiebaud as a painter best known for his exploration of American genre. He has made this category the subject his life’s work. Through the themes of still lives and landscapes he explores the style, character and nature of things American. .  Download PDF
  • ArtWrit, "Tadaaki Kuwayama at the Museum of Modern Art Hayama" by Michael Klein A large portion of what has been written about minimal art has focused on the sculptors of the era, on the work of Donald Judd, Robert Morris and Carl Andre; however, many of the painters of that period, each with his or her own lengthy resume and extensive gallery and museum exhibition histories, have been less documented as a group when compared to their colleagues..  Download PDF
  • Arwrit, "John M Armleder at the Swiss Institute, New York" by Michael Klein Swiss-born and raised, John M. Armleder has gained international recognition for a decisively personal and wholly remarkable body of work and performances that stretch across all artistic boundaries. In 1969 he founded, along with two other artists, the Ecart group, a collaboration that included a gallery, publishing house and a bookstore..  Download PDF
  • New American Paintings, "Other Voices: Squeak Carnwath" by Michael Klein Squeak Carnwath mixes familiar and recognizable images-think New Image painting- within a smart, sharp fields of patterns built of numbers and colors then overlaid with words. Carnwath’s fields look conceptual; they are methodical in structure like an algebraic formula on a blackboard but then suffused with thoughts that stand out-a translation of her internal dialogue out loud onto the canvas for all to see..  Download PDF
  • Catalog Essay. Arts Club of Chicago, "Timely and Timeless: A Memoir" Paul Thek's studio was a small, tidy apartment in Manhattan's East Village and in spite of it being a crowded tenement he considered it his Shangri-La. That was Paul—he turned the most commonplace thing into something special that would delight him and t hose around him. He was a bit of a showman looking always....  Download PDF
  • Artnet, "Interior Light: Richard Pousette-Dart" Today the work of Richard Pousette-Dart (1916-1992) provides a unity of the spiritual and the pragmatic that is a model for younger artists concerned with sensation, wonder and visual mysticism. Presently on view at the Metropolitan Museum is the first survey of Richard Pousette-Dart's career since....
  • Artnet, "Franz Kline: Architecture & Atmosphere" The New York art dealer Allan Stone is a legend in the art world, having been associated with such artists as de Kooning, Cornell, Warhol and Eva Hesse, who he presented very early in her career. Stone champions artists the old-fashioned way, with great personal enthusiasm and dignity, and has done so....
  • Artnet, "nicholas de staël: paintings 1950-1955" New York in the 1950s saw the golden years of Abstract Expressionism. De Kooning, Kline and Rothko were the rising stars of a triumphant and distinctly American art. But Paris too was enjoying the post-war boom, witnessing the pictorial elan of its own new generation of painters and sculptors....
  • ARTNews, "Travelling in Styles" "These are like my trophies," said Malcolm Morley, standing in the middle of his studio and pointing to the drawings, sketches and studies around him. Morley, sporting a fresh tan and a full white beard, had just returned from a month in Greece. Before doing anything else—unpacking his bags, making making phone calls... .  Download PDF